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Posted on February 3, 2016 in Road Freight Articles

Why Choose Australian Freight Forwarder for Business Logistics

If your business is tracking the same way as the majority of businesses in Australia right now, the market for your products is probably changing from a national one to a global one.

Australia is becoming a formidable force in global trade, and the worldwide demand for our products is boosting the strength of our economy. But like your competitors, your business might be struggling with messy logistics and unreliable fulfilment—and if you’re going to maintain your place in the market, you should consider outsourcing to a reputable freight forwarder.

Good freight forwarders can benefit your business in many ways, including managing your inventory better, consolidating your FCLs or LCLs to get you the best price on international shipping, and protecting your high-value or time-sensitive shipments on their way to where they’re going.

If you need some help to streamline your supply chain throughout the world, consider capitalising on some of the benefits of freight forwarding.




Better rates for cartage

A good freight forwarder will have transport vehicles that are accredited in both the Mass Management Scheme and the Mass Import Management Scheme (MIMS). This means they’re legally permitted to haul increased weight limits by road, maximising their customers’ cargo volumes for better rates on transportation.

Good freight forwarding providers also have access to a broad network of transport alliances across all modes, including sea, rail, and air. Because they’ve got the bargaining power, they can get better rates for your international shipping than you could as a single business owner dealing independently with multiple transport companies. Besides this, freight forwarders have broad experience in dealing with their alliances, and their ability to negotiate complex logistics issues among multiple partners can save you buckets of both time and money.


Australia has always relied heavily on road freight to get their goods across the vast expanses of the country.


But more and more, Australian businesses are struggling with the demand for their goods from across the oceans. Because freight forwarders have a unique depth of knowledge of Australia’s roads and ports, they’re able to deliver your stock seamlessly between distribution centres—and with markets turning global, there’s a competitive incentive to keep your business by saving you big bucks on your transport.




More efficient consolidation

Freight forwarders are experts in consolidating shipments, whether it’s domestic or international, or FCL or LCL.

If your shipments are mixed, oversized or unusual shaped, it can be near impossible to guarantee the safe passage of your orders, especially if they’re headed overseas. And just to add more complexity to the task, you might be risking your orders by delaying shipments until you can reach a full containerload, or you might have to deal with customs complications from consolidating your goods with other consignees’.

Good freight forwarding providers can service just about any import and export container cartage needs, dealing on your behalf with port and rail transport alliances to get your goods quickly and safely to their destinations. Because good freight forwarders have versatile fleets and comprehensive logistics services at their disposal, they can take care of complex product mixes without wasting money or inventory. And with industry experience in export and import containers, they can negotiate the complexities of customs clearance documentation, tariffs and quarantine regulations without the drama or the financial risks you could be taking by trying to do it yourself.




If you’re negotiating and communicating between multiple service providers to store, load, collect, transport or deliver your products, you’ll already know it’s madness. Get a good freight forwarder who can deal with your transport as well as your warehousing and logistics needs, and you’ll have better visibility, control and insurance over your inventory—and happy customers all over the globe.


More reliable fulfilment

Good freight forwarders will be able to transport your containers directly to your pick up and drop off points, or even port to door. But beyond this, they have the capability to deliver high levels of visibility and transparency with their online and GPS tracking systems, even when they’re dealing with other transport companies, so you’ll know where your goods are all the time. Your customers will be happy, and your back pocket won’t be hurting from missing shipments—or in the worst case, missing containers.

If you’re a business owner, it’s unlikely that you’re an expert in packing and transporting containers of stock throughout the country and the world. If you want to reduce the risks associated with unreliable fulfilment and inability to service your customer base, it’s a good idea to leave it in the hands of the experts. Good freight forwarders are experts in logistics, and they’ve got access to the latest technology and industry best practice in warehousing, inventory management, and packing. You might be an expert in the production and sale of your products, but good freight forwarders and logistics providers are experts in distributing them to your customers—in one piece, and on time.




Contact us anytime to find out how we can improve the efficiency of your supply chain with our versatile road fleet, comprehensive logistics solutions, and competitive pricing, and we’ll help you make your mark on global trade.

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