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Posted on May 17, 2016 in Road Freight Articles

Find Reliable Australian Road Freight Providers

Every business in Australia relies to some degree on transport services to function in their daily operations, which is why there’s an entire market of providers to choose from. But what’s surprising—in this age, where logistics providers are scrambling over one another to win customers—is that many business owners aren’t exercising their right to be discerning when they’re choosing their transport and freight services.


Considering how important it is to keep our customers happy in a tough financial climate, business owners would do well to spend more time assessing their transport service options.

It’s important for every business to meet demand without obliterating their bottom line, but because it’s hard without industry knowledge to select the best provider for their needs, many business owners will find themselves locked into an unfulfilling partnership after making rash decisions in the stressful heat of the moment.


Logistics is fundamental to Australia’s businesses, and it’s too important—and too expensive—for business owners to not give it enough thought. But the decision doesn’t have to be that difficult: it’s possible to find the perfect transport services provider, if they take some time to consider just a few aspects of their operations.



Knowing your customer base and what they need is paramount in deciding on the best way to service them, and finding the right freight and transport services to do it.


If you’re dealing directly with the end customer, it’s important to know whether your logistics provider carries smaller inventories and parcels, accommodates rush deliveries, and will service residential addresses. It’s also important in these circumstances for your provider to be adept at pick, pack and dispatch, fulfilment, and communicating between you, your customer, and their own staff throughout the transaction.




When you’re dealing with other businesses and retailers, it’s essential that you choose a provider experienced in palletised freight and haulage, warehousing and inventory management, and communication through international and corporate channels. You can’t afford for your valuable stock to be mismanaged, lost or damaged when you’re dealing with the bigger players who will replace you without a minute’s notice, so it’s important to choose freight and transport services that will help you deliver fast and reliable services to your client base.



Every freight service company has a different focus and different strengths, and it’s important for you to know which ones are best for your business.


If you’ve got a large and diverse inventory that takes a lot of time to manage, you’ll capitalise more on a transport service that offers experienced and innovative warehousing and inventory management that can save you valuable hours and costly mistakes.


But if you’re on top of your inventory and you’re only looking for a reliable freight services provider to shift your goods from A to B, choosing a company that’s a champion of the transport system needs to be your highest priority. If you’re heading the way many other Australian businesses are, you’re probably dealing with international markets as well—which means you need to choose a provider who can navigate your business through customs clearance and wharf and container cartage.




You should also ask yourself what’s going to make your customers happier—dealing directly with you, or dealing with a company that’s more experienced in delivering the highest standards of customer service. It’s daunting to think about trusting a provider to get along well with your clients and partners, but if you find one, it could be the best business decision you’ve ever made—and it could really turn your operations around.



How quickly and accurately they can transmit information between parties should be a deciding factor in choosing your provider—and you’ll find evidence of it in capabilities like GPS tracking, online inventory management, booking and reporting, and high levels of integration and customer service.




How good your transport services are depends heavily on their capacity to overcome the myriad challenges of logistics into a seamless daily operation—the brains of the machine. But it depends just as much on its strength: a logistics provider with a good-sized and reliable fleet of vehicles can make all the difference, because it removes an extra middleman from your supply chain and gives you the extra power and speed you need to better service the far reaches of the country and the world.


But always remember to consider what happens when things go wrong. Ask your potential freight service providers how they handle reverse logistics: you need the security of a partner who knows how to respond in times of crisis to minimise the damage to your business and your customers, and save you some of the impact of unforeseen challenges.




It might sound cliché, but customer service is one of the most important factors in logistics—for the pure and simple reason that there are multiple parties with vested interests in the one relationship, and it’s essential that they work together productively to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. It’s not hard to determine whether a transport service is in it for the long haul: they’ll have the flexibility to manage multiple entities, the willingness to customise their services to your needs, the capacity to offer multiple value-adding services in-house, and the experience to confidently guarantee their service.




Never choose a freight service on the promise of cheap rates: you’ll get what you pay for, and you’ll be disappointed. Always choose a provider based on their reputation, capabilities, and commitment to service, and you’ll reap the financial benefits anyway when your supply chain is flowing better than ever before. Besides that, a good provider will be transparent with their pricing, and have the capacity to streamline your operations to give you the most cost-effective service possible.


As an Australian business, it’s a big job to service your client base, and you should never settle for anything less than excellence in freight services. Queensland business owners will already know what it takes to service the state, let alone the country or the globe—which is why it’s so important to choose a provider strong and smart enough to navigate the reaches of our tough landscape with only the best transport services. Mt Isa, Cairns, Roma, and the Gold Coast are only a stone’s throw away with G&D Partners, Brisbane’s most experienced and reliable freight service provider—so contact us anytime to see how we can streamline your business’s operations and keep you moving forward.


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