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Posted on September 7, 2016 in Road Freight Articles

3 reasons why selecting the cheapest road freight provider is a huge mistake

Australian businesses are always under pressure to control their overheads. But with some major economic hits in the last few years, and increased demand on the global market for competitively priced goods and services, containing our expenses has become even more important.


Australia’s logistics network is bursting at the seams right now as we struggle to meet demand. It’s generally good news for freight service providers, who aren’t running short of business, and even better news for those choosing a provider from among them. But the fight to remain competitive is always raging—and it can be dangerous territory for businesses who are looking for reliable, long-term logistics partners.


Business owners must be aware of a common trap: being wooed by low prices on road freight services.

Too many businesses are being sucked in by the promise of bottom-dollar logistics, only to discover too late that they’ve neglected the most important principle in selecting a logistics provider: quality matters more.

If you’re a business owner looking for road freight services, there are a few reasons why choosing the cheapest offering is a huge mistake.





The outcome is never good when you choose the cheapest road freight services provider you can find. When road freight providers offer cheap service to potential customers, they’re actually removing something much more valuable from their offering: safety.


It would obviously have a profound effect on your business if you lost a large shipment in a road accident. But when you choose cheap road freight services, you’re also encouraging the risk of catastrophic disaster—the loss of human life—which is never worth the meagre short-term savings you might make.


Cheap road freight services are never a good idea. The money has to be made somewhere else, which means the workers on the frontline—the truckies and the freight handlers—are forced to cut costs wherever possible, to meet unreasonable goals and short timeframes. It also takes money to train people properly in safety measures, and if the money isn’t there, cheap road freight service providers will be cutting corners, and failing to ensure that their workers are maintaining adequate safety standards to protect their workers and the general public. In short, cheap road freight is never cheap in the long run: its real cost is far beyond what any of us should ever be prepared to pay.




When you’re selecting a logistics provider, you want to know your inventory is in good hands. It’s your bread and butter, and you’ve sunk a lot of time, money, and effort into building it up to the level that lets you service your client base.


It takes time and money to take care of an inventory, and workers need to have a good deal of training to ensure that they’re capable of managing, handling, and protecting your stock.

The cheapest logistics services couldn’t possibly guarantee this level of skill: their income would hardly cover the bare minimum of labour required to move stock over short distances, let alone the due care and attention that a good service provider would give to storing, monitoring, counting, tracking, and delivering your inventory.

Choosing the cheapest road freight providers will only cost you more in the long run, as you deal with the fallout of damaged, expired, or missing stock from substandard warehousing, transportation, and pick and pack services.


It also takes time and money to improve services. Good logistics providers are committed to continuous quality improvement, and they care about meeting and exceeding the standards of the industry and the law.

Paying extra for a better quality service—where your logistics provider cares about customer service, and undercutting their competitors with their excellence and not their prices—will benefit your business in the long run.




As a business owner, you’ll already know how important it is to your success to deliver good customer service. But if you choose the cheapest road freight services provider you can find, customer service is often the first thing that goes out the door.


We all know that it takes time and money to meet the needs of our customers. It takes time and money to staff your business with workers who are equally skilled and compassionate, available when your customers need someone to speak with to resolve their issues, and willing to engage in a continuous pursuit of excellence so they can be proud of how good they are at their jobs. And it takes time and money to maintain a diverse fleet of road vehicles, keeping them in good working order so they’re always fast and safe. It takes time to establish reliable delivery networks, and to communicate well with partners and alliances and get every job done properly.



At G&D Partners, we’re proud to service our growing customer base with a fleet of vehicles that’s among the safest on the roads. We’re also proud of our commitment to continuous quality improvement, which is helping us to provide the highest standard of customer service available in the industry. We’re flexible, efficient, and conscious of the environment, and we’re always aiming to be the best in our field.


Our service isn’t cheap. But it is fair: we know what it’s like to manage a budget, which is why we’re happy to tailor our services so you can meet yours. When you choose our road freight services, you can be sure that we’re charging fairly and honestly, so you, your customers, and our business can all benefit equally from a mutually respectful and profitable relationship.




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